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​Fellow Africans,

One of our members, Dr. Fred Kemah sent in the following informative piece to help all of us understand what to do in extreme hot weather conditions. Please, read and learn, and stay protected. (The Editor)

I write from London with a view to empowering our people from a medical perspective.
At present, we (especially in the Northern Hemisphere, editor) are experiencing HEATWAVES across many European Countries. It is quite hot out there.  These are the things you should do.
Drink plenty of water, have a bottle of natural water with you at all times, editor, avoid exposure between 12 noon and 5 p.m. and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Please DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL during heatwaves.  Apart from increased caloric intake and therefore feeling the heat, you could experience acute kidney problems especially if you are dehydrated.
Dress in soft Cotton cloths. Avoid black dresses as dark colours easily absorb and preserve heat;
Doctors please, reduce the dose of water tablets/diuretics you prescribe to your patients during heatwaves. During heat waves most patients on water tablets and on antihypertensive medications could present with hypotensive crisis such as fainting/collapsing/blackouts.

Yours sincerely,
Papa Fred,
Fred Perry Kemah
Consultant Cardiologist

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