Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Africaonline Benefits Program?

a. AFRICAONLINE Media Corporation has designed a comprehensive Benefits package which meets the needs of Africans Worldwide! Our ABP is a Virtual African Community, a ONESTOP Resource center for Africans and Africa.


2. Where do I find information on all the Benefits program?

a. Go under the Benefits program tab, click the benefits program overview to learn about the programs.


3. How do I sign-up for Benefits Program?

a. By registering for the program using the registration form listed under the benefits program tab.


4. What payment methods are available?

a. Payments are managed with PayPal, and also availability of using any major debit/credit as well.


5. How do I pay for additional subscriptions/paid programs?

a. Login to your account, then click the subscription tab to see listed subscription/program for additional purchase using our integrated systems.


6. How do I login to my account?

a. Click the benefits program tab, and select login. Once redirected, use login credentials to login to account.


7. How do I reset my password?

a. Click the benefits program tab, select login to be directed to login page, then select reset password link to reset password.


8. Is my membership renewed yearly?

a. Yes, our membership program is a yearly membership renewed a year from the date you signed on.


9. Is my information secured on the website?

a. Yes, our website has a dedicated SSL- certificate for privacy and protection of sensitive data.


10. How do sign up for the ABP yearly membership?

a. Please follow these quick steps to register for AFRICONLINE BENEFITS PROGRAM:
b. 1) Put this new website address in your browser or click this link
c. 2) Hover your mouse on the pull down menu “Benefits Program” on the top right side of your screen.
d. 3) Click “Register”
e. 4) Complete the online form., Accept Terms and Conditions.
f. 5) Enter the Invitation code ——————————————–in the code section of the site.
g. 6) Hit “Register”, wait a few seconds to be taken to the payment screen.
h. 7) Complete the payment process using your preferred payment method!
i. 8) Once payment is complete, will be logged into your ABP account!
j. CONGRATULATIONS !!! You are now an Africanonline Benefits Participant for real.
k. Please direct all inquires to or